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How to increase the value of each call? How to turn non-made calls into additional revenues?

We introduce our Connect ON services which will stimulate subscribers to make voice and video calls if the called party is busy, turned off or out of coverage, and will enable calls even with zero or negative balance




to handle missed calls of subscribers
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Information Services

Providing subscribers with accurate information about hidden telephone numbers of incoming calls

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End of Call Notification
Information about current status of monetary balance after a finished outbound call or SMS

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Beep Call
Notifying subscribers about missed calls by means of a ‘pseudo-call’, i.e. a call which is dropped before the recipient can answer, in situations when a normal call cannot get through
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Always Online

Talking Zero

How to enable subscribers to use your services when their account balance is low.

Virtual Number

Add multiple virtual numbers in addition to the main number. Calls and SMS from virtual numbers. To home and visiting subscribers.

Voice Mail

A multichannel auto-responder with extensive functionality. Recording, storing and playback of voice messages, and receipt notifications to subscribers.

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