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Unique secure messenger integrated
into the telecom operator's network
Ensure high-quality communication,
create more ways to convey
emotions and experience, streamline and improve
customer service – using only one application.


Roll out your own instant messenger to compete
with the most popular OTT services

Why do operators choose Polyphone?

Quick Launch and Go to Market
A turnkey application that does not require large integration costs
OTT service revenue
You can successfully compete with OTT services and generate revenue – by providing the unique service through the integration with your network
New communication channel
Use the app as an additional channel of communication with subscribers, e.g. during marketing campaigns

Polyphone app on all device

What does Eastwind offer?


Flexible customization and expansion of the messenger services


Piloting new functionality on excellent conditions


Stylish and smart design


Branded application to reflect your corporate identity


Convenient cooperation scenarios - CAPEX, revenue sharing, fixed payments


Convenient technical support 24/7/365 

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Polyphone is the operator’s instant messenger to allow subscribers to communicate in a modern and
convenient app, with an access to a huge number of additional digital services provided by the operator
and its partner such as the subscriber’s personal account, financial services, online shopping,
TV & music, and much more.
The functionality embedded in the messenger allows you to deploy and promote it in different target
subscriber segments.
The operator’s revenue from the Polyphone comes from charging calls to external
(outside the app users) numbers and charging video calls as an additional service, from
transaction fees for financial services and sharing revenues with partners when
providing partner services.
The Polyphone application is available for Apple iOS 8.x-11.x, Google Android 4.2.x-8.x. You can upgrade
the Android version support up to 9.x.
The service can be available to subscribers of the providing operator, as well as
subscribers of other operators.
Outgoing calls to any numbers
Subscribers use their usual mobile numbers to call on outside-the-app numbers
Incoming calls can arrive in the app or on the phone via GSM channel – depending on
the user’s settings
Extended coverage
All text and voice connections are protected
Integration with the Personal Office
Convenient and fast way to service your subscribers
Support for chat bots
Android users can download Polyphone client app from Google Play Market. iOS users can download the
app from the Apple App Store. Then the users need to register in the application.
You can create a service description page on your website for your subscribers, with the download links
to Google Play and App Store.
To register the Polyphone app on a mobile device, you need to enter your mobile phone number (the
login for the service) and click “Next” to receive a four-digit SMS code; then type the code on the
registration screen.
After successful registration, you can use the application.
After successful registration in the Polyphone application, the subscriber can:
1 Make outgoing calls to the app users on GSM and any landline numbers,
2 Send messages and share files within the app,
3 Send SMS to GSM numbers,
4 Participate in group chats,
5 Configure where incoming calls will arrive: in the app or on the GSM phone number,
6 Receive incoming messages within the app,
7 Make p2p video calls,
8 Add an avatar and username in the app,
9 Configure and manage their profiles in the app.
The introduction of Polyphone version with only IP-services (inside-the-app communication) enabled
takes 2 weeks from the on-site access day – if the operator adheres to the technical requirements.
The integration with the operator’s external systems (Media Gateway, HLR, АСР) takes 4 weeks – if the
operator adheres to the technical requirements.
Inside the application, users can exchange text messages, emoticons, stickers, graphic images (from the
image gallery or a snapshot made with the app), video clips, voice / audio messages, geo-tags (location
on the map), contacts, and any types of file the operating system supports.
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