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Eastwind Equipment Identity Register

A solution for access control and monitoring of mobile devices in the carrier’s network.

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The platform controls and keeps accounting of subscriber devices registered in the operator’s network. Eastwind EIR uses the data received and configured logic to block network access for certain categories of mobile devices such as stolen, fake, or used for illegal purposes.

As well as helping to meet security requirements, Eastwind EIR allows operators to deploy new services to improve experience for their customers.


Integration with the carrier’s infrastructure and the national IMEI base (CEIR)
Generation and support of IMEI lists (black, white, or gray), automatic as well as manual
Analysis of CheckIMEI messages from the switching equipment and network access control of mobile devices
Automatic list synchronization with GSMA IMEI Database
Accounting for stolen and lost mobile devices
Creation and provision of analytical reports 


Pre-screens the signal traffic to relieve the load on consumer systems
Collects event history for each subscriber and transferring the data (change of IMSI, IMEI, or device model) to external systems for further processing
Provides subscription service for Welcome SMS sent to subscribers appearing in the network
Providing DMS systems with information about new subscribers or subscribers changing their devices
Detection of SIM cards for which there is no data in the HLR (the subscriber did not use the SIM card for a long time and their profile was deleted from the HLR)

Key Benefits

Unified solution supporting 2G, 3G, 4G / LTE, 5G networks

Eastwind EIR can interact with communication nodes via SS7/MAP over SIGTRAN, Diameter, HTTP/2
Industry Standards

The solution is developed in full compliance with ETSI regulatory documents and specifications
Virtual and Physical

Eastwind CEIR is a software solution that can work in a virtual environment as well as on any servers with x86 architecture processors
Use of Freeware

The main components of the platform run on free CentOS system software and use Redis and PostgreSQL databases
Resource Optimization

The platform uses special data structures to process IMEI verification requests. This significantly reduces the use of RAM as compared to the traditional approach
High Performance Solution

One Eastwind EIR server can routinely process up to 10,000 requests per second – and up to 15,000 requests per second during peak loads