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    Eastwind is a dynamically growing company, one of Russia’s biggest developers and suppliers of software solutions for the telecoms market. Our history began back in 1997 when cellular telecommunications in Russia were making their first steps, and the demand for dedicated software solutions was great. Eastwind Billing System was the first key product we launched together with a Russian operator.

    Today, we continue creating new products and working with operators from many countries to improve the experience of their subscribers amid the violent competition and shrinking revenues from the traditional voice services.

    We are focused on innovative projects in Big Data and Targeted Marketing. That is why we included in our product portfolio platforms to improve marketing efficiency, mobile apps and experience improving services, along with the classical products to support the business of a Telco and traditional VAS solutions.

Eastwind News

16 may 2024
The Eastwind Team Attended DUMP 2024
Specialists from different departments of the Eastwind team gathered at a conference to learn about the latest industry trends.
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18 april 2024
How to Empower Your Team’s ML Skills: Training Program for Kcell
We visited Kazakhstan to train the Kcell team on working with Big Data and ML models in MMP.
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27 december 2023
Happy New Year!
As the New Year approaches, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our partners, customers, and team members — to everyone 
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