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​Boost your revenues by responding
instantly to your customer
needs in real time


Why do you need Event Processing?

Up to 40% Conversion

Through real-time personalized advertising

2X Revenue

Double the revenues from digital services
through timely stimulated buys and product upselling

$ 900 000

Daily revenue from 5 cases for a subscription base of 8M users

Timely Respond To Subscribers’ Needs

Sell More Paid Services, Increase ARPU
Event Processing analyses user actions in real time - by their calls, internet activity, geo movements, balance changes, and other events. The system automatically commands to send relevant offers at the right moment.
Respond instantly, target accurately, and run efficient marketing campaigns.

The System handles up 100.000 operator's network events per second

In the Script Designer, set up event handling rules for any business case

A trigger is set on at the occurence of the selected event

Event Processing will instantly command the operator's external systems to send advertising 

How to increase ARPU through third-party VAS?


CASE: promoting the Yandex.Music and Mobile TV services
GOAL: to increase the number of paid subscribers 
REAL-TIME PARAMETERS: data traffic consumption model
TRIGGER: a customer shows a certain behavior 

330 000 subscribers of content services over a 6 months' campaign
40% conversion into activation

5% penetration of the subscriber base 

Key advantages

Designer of scripts and triggers

Business logic of any complexity – from simple and linear to sophisticated chat bots factoring in the profile parameters and behaviors of subscribers

GUI for visual programming of event processing scripts — you can create triggers in the form of flow charts

Drag’n’drop tool

Channel Aggregation

Omni-channel subscriber interaction

Combining disparate marketing channels into a centralized system

Continuous monitoring of subscriber-generated events at different contact points
Traffic scanning

Continuous scanning of traffic and real-time Big Data analysis

Integration with any data sources of the carrier and its partners (the processing bank, CRM, payment systems, e-commerce services)

Real-time targeting

Monitoring of actions of each subscriber, and continuous scanning for selling occasions

Analyzing every parameter to understand what needs a subscriber has and how to satisfy them
Service provisioning

Quick response to emerging sales opportunities

Prompt commands to third-party systems: a command to SMS, USSD, CMS to send a message or notification, a command to the billing to connect new services or activate bonus bundles.

Typical Cases

Personal Bundles

Offer the subscriber an extra bundle as his current bundle
is about to expire.
The bundle size is calculated individually
depending on the daily use.

Stimulate larger top ups.
Offer the subscriber to make payment of an individually calculated size in exchange for a bonus.
Silent Roamers

Stimulate roaming communications.
​If a subscriber has roamed onto a partner network but refuses to talk, offer a special rate.
Trust payment

Subscriber’s account balance is near zero or near a minimum?
​Offer the Trust Payment service.
Price Plan Optimization

Stimulate traffic.
​Offer the subscriber to switch to a larger package in case she often goes beyond the limits of the current bundle.
Location Based Informing

A subscriber has checked at a particular location?
​Offer special local services or tell about partner offers nearby.
Information about technical failures
Automatically inform subscribers about maintenance works
Offer free bundles as a compensation.
Spend - Get!

Reward spending on communications and build subscriber loyalty.
Offer bonuses for particular amounts of minutes or messages.
As a standalone product
▪ Real-time event processing and analysis
▪ Flexible configuration of triggers
▪ Case Designer
▪ Support of SMS, USSD and DSTK
As part of Eastwind Mobile Marketing Platform

▪ A full-fledged Campaign Manager
▪ Friendly UI for marketers
▪ Creating targeted campaigns
▪ A system to analyze subscriber behavior
▪ Preconfigured data marts and analytical models

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