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Work Is
Pleasure Here

We are proud to have highly qualified specialists on our team. We value everyone’s talent and abilities, and build our collaboration based on mutual understanding, respect and support. We create all the conditions so each Eastwind worker can fulfill themselves, acquire new skill and knowledge, and find application for them in their work and life. Balancing the interests of each individual and the goals of our company is what guarantees Eastwind’s success.

Boris Bubnov, Director of Eastwind

 average age


 who works at company
 more than 5 years


 employees with
 higher education

Values and Principles

Customers Forever
We offer products and services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. High quality and value of the solutions we develop ensure the loyalty of customers and positive reputation in the market.
We aim far, and we fulfill our dreams. We acknowledge that we live in unique time that urges us to go ever further.
Positive Social Contribution
We want to make the world more comfortable with our solutions. We create products and services to provide people with more options.
Individual Achievements
We count on the creative approach and enthusiasm of each of us. This ensures the strategic goals will be reached.
Team Spirit
Team work is important for our mutual success. We encourage workers to communicate with the management on all levels, to share ideas and suggestions, to improve work efficiency and quality of life for everyone.
Recognition of Personal Contribution
We recognize the contribution and high results of every employee in their position. We believe that reward must match the invested effort, and strive to create the atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and confident.

Life at Eastwind

  • Corporate meetings
  • Knowledge
  • Sport
  • Comfort
Having fun

We celebrate the internal events of the company and the holidays. A friendly team, easy to climb!

What We Can Offer



We have been in the IT market for 20 years, and we have been through it all.
We have learned to overcome difficulties, and work for the result
every day as a team.


We adhere to the law and timely pay all kinds of remuneration.


Limitless opportunities for self-improvement and self-actualization; bright
prospects for career and personal growth. As the company moves forward,
we make our own discoveries every day: they allow us to see beyond routine
work and build higher and bolder.


Amazing atmosphere

Our HR policy is aimed at the creation of a truly amazing IT enterprise
environment. It is all simple and convenient, and we are intended to
keep it this way. Corporate celebrations, event held together with customers,
and much more.


Truly fascinating projects and groove await you if you join our company


Smart and helpful books in our corporate library.
A chance to improve your English.
Freedom and new way of thinking.
Convenient working hours starting at 9:30 which can be moved if need be.
Possibility to choose a salary bank.
Corporate parking.
Coffee, tea. sweeties.