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EW Mobile 

The end-to-end customer value management solution for communication providers
Predict customer intentions and respond to their behavior in real time. Create personalized customer experience, make the most relevant offers, and maximize LTV.
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Why EW MMP is a must-buy for MNOs

Response rate increase
ARPU growth
Subscriber profile parameters
Possible size of subscriber base
Number of campaigns per day
Events per second processed by the system to identify triggers

All CVM essentials in one solution

Marketing AI
  • Provides deep analysis of any data, creating a complete dynamic profile of each client
  • Automatically identifies key parameters for audience segmentation
  • Generates campaign recommendations, automatically allocating offers to target customers
  • Speeds up model creation on a Hadoop cluster
Flow-Based Campaign Manager
  • Allows for creating marketing campaigns of any complexity
  • Provides convenient campaign approval mechanisms
Omnichannel Сommunications
  • Help to maintain a unified view of the subscriber across all channels
  • Map out the channels most preferred by the subscribers and not affected by contact policies, thus improving the customer experience
Intelligent Triggers
  • Launch the delivery of the next best offer via the most suitable channel at the right time
  • Take into account the context of each interaction, previous experience and interests of each client to influence their decision making at every touchpoint

How EW MMP automates marketing

Unified campaign management

Workflow-Based Designer
The interface allows you to integrate segments, channels, offers, and triggers into the script, link campaigns to each other, and create scenarios of any complexity in a simple way. 
Date and Period Scheduler
You can launch dozens or hundreds of campaigns in a day and schedule them for any specific date in the future. This is perfect for holiday promos and other date-based activities. 
Engagement via Content
The platform supports all kinds of content to help you attract user’s attention: text, image, video, audio files, HTML. Engage customers in dialogue via USSD, IVR, or chatbot.
Dynamic Personalization
To personalize both the communication and the offer, EW MMP double-checks subscriber’s parameters in real time (name, age, location, gender, etc.).
Loyalty Building
The system enables you to implement a multi-tier loyalty program with personalized rewards for achievements in promo campaigns: loyalty points, bundles (SMS, minutes, data), etc.
Smart Contact Policies
Set content quotas to ensure that your customers’ experience is not spoiled with too many ad messages. Settings are flexible, and you can override them or adjust to specific campaigns.

Make big data work with AI technologies

  • Design ML models for calculating high-level customer features. Build rich 360 ° subscriber profiles that will include lifestyle, interests, billing patterns, etc. Analyze the social graph to target and win over prospects with similar interests. Use geo-targeting for location-based advertising.

Make a move to real-time marketing with trigger campaigns

Real-Time Insights
The system helps to discover and exploit new opportunities for up- and cross-sales. It identifies immediate subscriber needs, making the right offer at the right moment.
Flow-based trigger builder
A user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface with 50 different tools enables you to create trigger scenarios of any complexity, making the process quick and intuitive.
Pre-configured triggers
If you don’t have time for creating event-processing scripts from scratch, use pre-programmed triggers. You can modify them later for your specific needs.

Omnichannel communications

Create a coherent customer experience across all touchpoints
  • All types of campaigns via push, pull, trigger channels
  • Maximum messages without violating contact policies
  • Various types of content within a single campaign
  • Various channels within the same campaign
  • AI that identifies channels with highest conversion
  • Various types of responses (explicit, implicit)

Successful cases

  • Revenue Increase
  • Churn Reduction
  • Conversion Improvement
  • ARPU Growth
Conversion growth through real-time personalization

conversion increase

$15 000
per month

Telco with 10M subscribers, CIS

Marketing activity: promotion of plans and options for roaming

Channels: SMS, USSD

EW MMP features that made the campaign successful:
— Real-time analysis
— Location determination
— Usage pattern recognition
— Profiling and segmentation
— Touchpoints personalization
— Next best action identification

Clients who are already using our CVM solution





How Telco with 1.5M subcribers automated marketing and increased revenue by 50%

«We saw the platform generate revenue as early as we ran test cases. That’s why we didn’t even turn it off when we moved to production servers. We can already say that the investments definitely proved worthwhile»

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Jamshed Boboaliev,
Commercial Director
of MegaFon Tajikistan

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