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End-to-end CVM & CX Ecosystem
for Communication Providers

Predict customer intentions and influence their decisions
to create the most relevant customer experience
and maximize LTV

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Who Entrusted Us With CVM Implementation

How MMP impacts your business


Maximum Scope of Subscriner Base

Campaigns per Day

Increase of Response Rate to Ads Offers

Parameters for The Most Accurate Profiling in Subscriber Profile

Accuracy of Subscriber Behavior Prediction for Model Building

Of Incoming Events per Second Processed by The System to Identify Triggers


Build your subscriber profiles from hundreds of parameters,
make images of typical service users
and find subscribers with similar needs,
build analytic models four times faster

Deep Profiling
Look-alike Targeting
Fast Modeling

AI Customer Analytics and Recommendations Engine

Deep Profiling

Learn about your customers what even they do not know about themselves. Convert subscriber data into an asset by building profiles from 700+ of existing parameters and adding new ones. The system calculates low-level characteristics according to billing data and call activity and high-level characteristics according to results of analytical model calculations. Behind the simple and clear Customer Journey, there are numerous algorithms and recommendation engines with the use of AI. Identify sex, age, social status and customer interests, predict behavior and evaluate the quality of target audience before launching the campaign.

Look-alike Targeting

Look-alike targeting increases CTR by 3 to 5 times, and response conversion by at least twice.
Group real-life users of the service you plan to promote, and check out how these people differ from the entire subscriber base or from another branching-off group. Build a profile of a typical user based on these characteristics, and the system will find similar candidates for the advertising campaign so that each advertising touch receives 100% response.
Fast Modeling

To ensure that quality metrics do not "shrink", it is required to train analytical models in time. In MMP, the modeling cycle is four times faster: it takes 1 to 2 weeks instead of 1.5 to 2 months to develop models. A data analyst independently manages the process without involving a DevOps engineer and a Hadoop developer: imports and examines data, builds models for calculating new profile parameters using the usual Python, converts a model into an industrial code in just one click, starts and stops models on the cluster, controls correctness of calculations in the interactive schedule and export results to BI, if necessary. 

Unified Campaign Management Solution

Segment the subscriber base by selecting customers loyal to offers, set up triggers and run 800+ concurrent advertising campaigns daily.

Multidimensional Segmentation
Flexible Workflow
Trigger Campaigns
Continuous Life Cycle
Fast Approval

Hyper Personalization and Omnichannel Communications

Multidimensional Segmentation

Terabytes of customer data is a platinum asset only if your targeting is top-level. The more accurately you select the segmentation parameters, the higher the response conversion is. With MMP, targeting of any complexity will take several minutes – without special knowledge of databases and programming, and without involving analysts and BI specialists. Cut the base in different planes to create the most accurate segments. Save and copy rules or entire "branches" and do not worry that one and the same subscriber will fall within different groups – contact policies meter out the content.
Flexible WorkFlow

We achieved incredible workflow flexibility due to packing the system functions into a user-friendly case designer. Build campaigns without programming skills and relying solely on business logic. Blocks are easily configured and assembled into the flow of any complexity and duration. Run hundreds of campaigns a day, including a year ahead – by schedule, by triggers, or linked to events. Use several channels, events, offers and responses simultaneously, transfer target customers from one campaign to another, and thus follow up every subscriber throughout his/her life.
Trigger Campaings

Millions of your subscribers are constantly generating events, each of which is a potential trigger for selling services. MMP analyzes actions and inactions of each subscriber and informs external systems of the best time for the offer. Use preset trigger processing scripts or create new ones. The platform has a construction kit for creating triggers and a flow-based event designer with 50 tools and drag&drop mechanisms.
Continuous Life Cycle

The platform features make it possible to implement linked and multiway campaigns for continuous workflow. Take care of your customers – set up the script only once, and the system will automatically "transfer" all target customers or customers who showed the highest response from one campaign to another, tactfully and timely offering the right services at the right time.
Fast Approval

When the campaign flow has been created, the content formed, the triggers configured, the limits set up, and the contact policies taken into account, it only remains to approve the campaign before running it. Develop up-to-date rules for concurrent or sequential approval in a separate workstation, assign reviewers for separate blocks and keep track of which elements have been approved and by whom, which have been not, and which have been rejected. The launch of each campaign is under 100% control.
Omnichannel Engagement

The platform supports dozens of communication channels: 4 push channels (SMS, USSD, IVR, and Email), 38 pull channels, chat bots, and social networking sites. Build a multi-channel interaction logic, control the content flow across all channels on a centralized basis, and create a continuous user experience for each subscriber. The system will analyze the volume of delivered content across all channels and determine the priority, as well as the type of notifications and appropriate advertising content. 

Control and Correct

  • Hypothesis testing and prospecting are a major part of marketing. If you came up
    with a new service, it is important to understand how to sell it and who your targets are,                                      
    having tested as many hypotheses as possible with the least effort possible.

    MMP offers all the capabilities for marketing experiments:
    run different samples and manually compare the results.

    Otherwise, AI will do it for you and will automatically run the best option.

    Calculate effective scenarios by using the manual A/B test
    Identify the best pooled experience
    Narrow down the groups by the highest conversion using the Auto Target method
    Combine several offers into a single Prefer Offer
    Personalize offers by Auto Personalization history and features
    Build high-conversion content based on the MVT test

Eastwind Technologies for effective
Customer Value Management

Real-time Analytics                 Artificial Intelligence           Customer Journey Mapping                       Omnichannel Engagement            Hyper-Personalization

You have all the tools in your hands to automate interaction with your customers at all life cycle stages and make right offers to the right customers at the right time to increase ARRU, maintain loyalty and prevent churn


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