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SMS Firewall

An effective tool to combat SMS spam
and various kinds of SMS fraud

What are the benefits?

Additional revenues
You can increase your ARPU by using different ways to monetize messages from a single sender — for example, transaction notifications and advertising mailings
Reduced financial losses
Thanks to the effective anti SMS fraud measures, the operator can substantially reduce financial losses, especially caused by SMS faking and SMS spoofing
Improved loyalty
Effective anti-spam policies result in much less unwanted SMS, which will have a positive effect on subscriber loyalty

Up to 2000 SMS per second

High throughput capacity allows the operator to efficiently handle all the SMS traffic in the network (from external networks as well as domestic traffic)
Flooding refers to enormous amounts of messages sent by a remote system to a subscriber or another system, which results in the overload of the signaling links (SS7) and delayed delivery of other messages
Mobile Terminated Faking
Mobile Terminated Faking (МТ faking) refers to the practice when a remote system uses the identifier of an actual legit SMS center. In this case, the operator of the home network cannot get paid for the termination of the traffic
Mobile Originated Spoofing (MO spoofing)
MO spoofing refers to illegal broadcast of messages by means of a roaming subscriber emulation. As a result, subscribers are billed for messages they did not send
Smishing refers to broadcast of messages by an allegedly legal company in order to obtain subscriber data. This results in the spread of viruses and spam

Functional capabilities

1. Filtering SMS traffic and detection of unwanted SMS.
2. Blocking SMS traffic automatically or by alerting the administrator.
3. Delivery of SMS to subscribers who have activated the forwarding service.
4. Archiving SMS.
5. Monitoring the system operation in real time, and alerting of faults.
6. Modifying the SMS TP-Reply-Path flag.
7. Analyzing equipment performance and availability.
8. Support of the basic protocols such as SS7, SS7 over IP in accordance with SIGTRAN IETF standard, the more common SIGTRAN versions, TCP/IP, IPv4 and IPv6.


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