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SMS Firewall

Protect your networks and customers effectively. Maximize revenue from A2P SMS traffic

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Solution for carriers to monetize A2P SMS traffic, and fight SMS fraud and spam

You can analyze the routes how A2P SMS are delivered to your network, identify and block gray A2P SMS termination routes, and force SMS hubs and mailing list aggregators to deliver commercial SMS messages via legal routes at proper prices

What are the benefits?

Additional revenue
You can increase ARPU in different ways to monetize messages from the same sender, such as transaction notifications and promo broadcasts
Reducing financial losses
By putting up an effective fight against SMS fraud, you can significantly reduce your own financial losses, especially from SMS Faking and SMS Spoofing.
Improving service quality
Building up loyalty
By combating SMS spam, the number of unwanted SMS will be reduced significantly, keeping your subscribers more loyal
Optimal use of licensed and technological resources
Regulatory compliance

Monetization of A2P SMS traffic

Unscrupulous aggregators use various gray routes and SIM boxes to reduce the cost of delivering commercial SMS messages. Such actions can bring significant losses to mobile operators.
Identify gray routes

The platform allows the operator to determine in which cases the SMS aggregator tries to avoid paying for the termination of A2P messages and sends them along "gray" routes, for example:

In inter-operator messaging – through partner operators using P2P;

In international traffic which aggregators disguise as local traffic.

Find SIM boxes

Using SIM cards with cheap texting options, SMS aggregators can pass off A2P traffic as P2P traffic generated by ordinary subscribers. Our solution automatically blocks messages from SIM boxes and submits historical data to combat fraud.  



  • When making a broadcast, operators have to reveal subscriber ID and location. This is unsafe as it opens opportunities for SS7 attacks such as tracking subscriber locations, interception of SMS and voice calls.
    SMS Home Routing allows operators to deliver messages from third party networks without disclosing the identifiers of their subscribers.



Spam Campaign Analyzer
The module automatically recognizes spam thanks to dynamic learning on scanned messages.

Text analyzer
The system forms black and white lists of texts for message filtering. The system supports text analysis by key characters, words, phrases and patterns with regular expressions.
The system can process glued messages and supports for GSM Alphabet and UCS2 encodings.

Protection from smishing
Multi-level protection against extortion of the subscriber's confidential data via SMS. On the basic level, the system provides protection by identifying links that redirect the user to other sites. For additional verification of links found in messages, you can integrate the system with external phishing databases (OpenPhish , PhishTank or GoogleWebrisk).
Eastwind SMS Firewall fully complies with GSMA and 3GPP guidelines and standards

GSMA IR.70 – SMS SS7 Fraud
GSMA SG.22 – SMS Firewall Best Practices and Policies
3GPP TR 23.840 – Study into routing of MT-SMs via the HPLMN

The system supports basic message exchange protocols such as SS7, SS7 over IP in accordance with SIGTRAN IETF, and SMPP.

Gray traffic is legalized and makes a profit

Eastwind SMS Firewall solution has helped Babilon Mobile, one of the largest telecom operators in Tajikistan with the largest coverage area in the country, to improve monetization and optimized monitoring of SMS traffic

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