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A complex to automate the business processes of mobile operators running networks of various standards, including MVNOs.

A flexible and comprehensive solution

Ensures short time-to-market for new services and products, easy operation, and support of over 25,000 thousand subscribers.

High performance and fast deployment in any network. Horizontal scalability enhances performance as the operator grows. The SOA architecture means simple extension of functionality and adding of new subsystems.

Eastwind Phoenix Tool for Marketing

Wide possibilities for rating, flexible system of discounts and various strategies of subscriber charging allow the operator to implement any marketing initiatives, create effective incentive programs, and make personalized offers.

High levels of reliability and quality are enabled by service-oriented SOA architecture. The use of distributed, loosely connected components ensures the system has no single point of failure. Back-up of the system’s key junctions ensures high fault-tolerance.
The solution supports all types of network - mobile and fixed telephony, and broadband. The convergent billing mechanism allows the operator to issues a single bill for the services or separate bills for different services.
Intuitive Interface
The smart and intuitive user interface streamlines the work of the system operators and allows their higher efficiency.
With Phoenix, the operator can create its own configuration of billing, to accommodate for its business development amid the fast-changing market conditions.

Additional Options

Data Storage
Quick access to data, high speed of insertion, retrieval and handling   of large amounts of data, archive compression and up to 6-fold economy of disk space.

Phoenix API
A secured and documented way to access billing data and operations to develop your own applications or integrate external systems


Monitoring of key business processes, and sending alerts in case of borderline states emergencies of subsystems.
The monitoring system promptly manages the problems before they can lead to significant consequences.

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