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Virtual Number

Unlimited quantity of virtual numbers
in addition to the main one – so you can call,
receive and send messages

Assess the Benefits

Revenue from Visiting Subscribers
Attract visiting roamers to your network to gain additional revenues from providing VAS to them.
Revenues from ‘Home’ Subscribers
Introduce subscription fee to ensure steady proceeds.
Easy to Use
Your home subscribers can have multiple numbers to use for different purposes, with only one SIM card.
Activate Quickly
The service will activate virtual numbers quickly and remotely, without having to visit the office and change the SIM card.
Always Available
Subscribers can be available at the same time at the main and virtual numbers and make calls from any of those. The quantity of additional numbers is not limited.
Easy to Manage
The service can be managed via different channels - USSD, SMS or mobile app - so subscribers can select any channel they like.

Opportunities for Subscribers and Operator

  • Functional Capabilities for ‘Home’ Subscribers

    1. Management of virtual numbers via difference interfaces - USSD menu, SMS commands, website, and mobile app.
    2. Defining the default number for calls.
    3. Making occasional calls from numbers which are not default ones.
    4. Subscribers can be available at all of their numbers at the same time, and take calls at all of their numbers using only one SIM card.
    5. Incoming and outgoing SMS at the main and virtual numbers.
    6. Optionally - automatic switching of default numbers from the main one to virtual ones, set by date, day of the week, or time.

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