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How to monetize non-made calls?


Let us introduce Eastwind Call Register, a unified platform to handle all missed calls of your network’s subscribers, with an extensive toolbox to manage several services based on a single solution.

Our portfolio for managing this type of calls includes the services to notify your subscriber of missed calls when their telephone was busy, turned off or out of coverage, or when the called party took too long to answer, to notify of subscriber’s availability, and to enable calls at zero balance.


Generate Revenues
Maximize revenues by stimulating increased volume of paid incoming voice traffic, monetizing the interconnect, and introducing paid subscription to the services.
Service Quality
Improve the quality of subscriber services by providing valuable information about missed calls.
Unified Solution
Deploy a unified platform to handle missed calls of subscribers, and add in voice mail services.

Available Services

  • Who Called?
  • Notify me
  • Notify about me
  • SMS Auto Answer
Who Called?

​Notify subscribers of missed calls

If a call comes in when their telephone is busy, turned off or out of coverage, or the called party took too long to answer, the call will be diverted to a specially dedicated number, and the call details will be stored in the database. The system then uses the call details to generate and send the info on the missed calls to the called party.

Low Balance Call Notification

The service notifies called subscribers that the caller cannot reach them because of low balance on the caller’s account.

After a failed attempt to make an important call, the platform will automatically SMS the user who the caller tried to reach.


Number Change Notification


A service to notify subscribers calling
an old number of the service user
that the user has changed their number.
The service can additionally inform the user
about the numbers of those who called to
the old number.

Two implementation scenarios are possible:

1. As an optional module with the Eastwind Call Register platform.
2. As a standalone solution.

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