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How to visualize
voice messages
on the screen
of any device
or in the email?

Eastwind Voice Mail –

a multichannel auto-responder
with extensive functionality allowing storage,
recording, and playback of voice messages

Benefits of Voice Mail

Additional Revenues

The operator increases paid traffic when subscribers play voice messages and initiate callbacks.

Increased Loyalty

Integration with MMS, WEB and email gives subscribers wider opportunities and unprecedented freedom to manage their voice mailboxes. The ability to view and listen to messages on computer/smartphone/tablet increases subscribers’ loyalty and the popularity of the service.

Additional Advertising Options

Voice channel as a chance to place ads, keep subscribers informed and notified about important events. An extra channel to promote services, in addition to SMS and USSD.
Personalized Mailboxes for Regular Users
The mailboxes are created after the subscriber has activated the service, and are at the command of the subscribers as long as they use the service. Regular users have extended rights to operate the service: long-term storage of voice messages, bigger size of mailbox, managing messages via Web/Wap/IVR, message divert to email or other number.
Temporary Mailboxes for Temporary Users
Short-term voice mailboxes are provided for one-time recording, short-term storage and playback for the addressee. Temporary users only have access to the basic options for the mailbox managing.

More Options for Better Service

1. Forwarding messages to another phone number
2. Addressed messages with password, available only to specific persons
3. Recording of outgoing messages to be sent to a specified number
4. Subscribers can change their voice mailbox settings
5. The mailbox owner can record a voice greeting for it
6. Ability to deploy a voice message board for subscribers
7. Or deploying an information service based on auto-responder
8. Broadcasting voice messages across the list of voice mailboxes
9. The operator can set up the mailbox parameters as it sees fit
10. Automatic administration of disk space


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