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The advance of cellular telecommunications in the world goes in quantum leaps constantly

spawning new standards, technologies and services.

Mobile devices have become so commonplace that it gets ever more cumbersome to do without them: today’s subscribers have developed an genuine addiction to being always online.

EW Call Guard


“Black & White” lists of numbers to limit
outgoing and incoming calls from
and to specific mobile numbers.
Control of outgoing calls and flexible rules
for handling all incoming calls.

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Introducing VAS

Optimal Routing
A platform to optimize the routing of local calls from visiting subscribers in the network of the local operator, excluding the intercity/international section of the call processing
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Geo Location Platform
A platform to locate subscribers, gather data on their movements and create services based on geo-positioning

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SM Greeting
Roaming Assistant Automatic SMS and USSD messages to visitors and roaming insiders with help info about rates, dialing rules and services

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Message Toolkit
OSS/BSS Kaleidoscope
Digital Future