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High levels of competition and the advent of new technologies dictate new rules to operators, while subscribers benefit from new colossal possibilities of message exchange on Internet and social networks. In order to save the value of SMS under the new conditions, operators have to pay close attention to the development of value-added services and integration of SMS platforms with social networks, mobile apps, mobile advertising and mobile commerce.

We suggest a way to leverage the new capabilities of the classical technology.
Our SMS services can br integrated seamlessly into the operator’s IT environment, and will allow you to make up for the slowing revenues from SMS traffic, improve user experience, and optimize the SMS infrastructure.

Eastwind SMS Center+
A new version of the SMS exchange platform
for mobile GSM/CDMA/UMTS networks and multi-standard networks

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End monotony now!
Our revolutionary take
at the familiar SMS.



Enriched SMS

25+ unique VAS services meant to improve subscriber experience, to boost SMS traffic and revenues from it

Eastwind SMS Firewall   

A solution to effectively combat SMS spam
and various kinds of SMS fraud


Eastwind Social Gateway

Subscriber notifications of events
in popular social networks enabling SMS reply


How to use USSD to fuel your business? Meet our USSD products

USSD Navigator
A full-fledged interactive user USSD portal for the most comfortable management of subscriber profiles and services, and fast access to content and infotainment

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USSD Push In
Outbound USSD-based broadcasts with the support of info and interactive ‘tails’. Scheduled or event-triggered.

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USSD Tails
Targeting and rotation-dependent interactive USSD tails for broadcasts enabled by maintaining and managing a base of subscriber profiles. The service allows you to integrate an advert, the operator’s info, or an interactive USSD menu into a USSD reply.
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