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Enriched SMS

End monotony now!
New services - new experience.

Let us introduce to you our 25+ unique VAS services meant to improve subscriber experience, boost your traffic and the revenues from it

Personalize the SMS


SMS secret

The recipient can only access the SMS text upon entering with their login and password

SMS signature

The feature allows adding a subscriber-defined signature to each message


Subscribers can use nicknames for outbound messages

Protect you subscribers

Black&White list
Individual settings to restrict the reception of SMS from selected subscribers / services
Barring list
Individual settings to prohibit the sending of SMS to particular subscribers and/or services
Blocks in roaming
The feature allows the operator to block messages sent to particular short numbers of content providers in case the subscriber is in roaming

Message routing


SMS forwarding

The system will forward incoming SMS to another phone number

Copy SMS

Subscribers can use this setting to send copies of messages to another number or email

SMS archive

automatic backup of all messages on the operator’s server, so the subscriber can view all their in- and outbound messages over a certain time period

Improve the experience


SMS auto-responder

Your subscribers can pre-define a standard reply
to be automatically sent in response to incoming SMS.

Collect SMS

Subscribers with low balances will be able to
send messages paid by recipient.

Sponsored SMS

Messages can be sent free of charge or
at a discounted rate if the subscriber agrees
to receive and view ads.

Flash SMS

The ability to send special-type SMS to be
immediately displayed on the phone screen.

Mobile Price

The feature allows the operator to notify subscribers
of the price of calls or messages to any numbers.

Delayed SMS delivery

Your subscribers can set the time of message delivery
to the recipient (day, month, year, hours, minutes).

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