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End of Call Notification


is a service to notify your subscribers about
current status of monetary balance after
a finished outbound call or SMS.

The operator can add a targeted ad to
the USSD/SMS reply which is potentially
useful for the specific user.

​Functional Capabilities

The operator can:

- Develop and edit the broadcast menu, manage the logic of signaling call handling by means of a graphical editor.
- Create scenarios of USSD/SMS broadcasts, factoring in the broadcast message format and type, the broadcast-triggering event, the subscriber’s profile, and the message contents.
- Set up interaction with external systems to manage the services or gather details on events.
- Edit scenarios for subscriber handling.
- Maintain and set up subscribers’ profiles using various criteria such as gender, age, rate plan, ARPU, activated services, and subscriber’s location.


How to define scenarios for the service?


The logic by which messages are broadcast is defined with the help of a ‘constructor’s kit’ - the service GUI. The constructor’s kit allows you to run the service in a test network, create emulations within the interface to submit requests to external systems.


​Criteria for SMS/USSD Message Targeting

End of Call Notification allows you to generate message texts by certain targeting criteria such as:

- Subscriber’s current balance.
- Activated Services.
- Balance traffic of data packages.
- Subscriber’s MSISDN.
- Subscriber’s inclusion into a group.
- Time of day.
- Subscriber’s profile details.
- Data from external systems (rate plan, APRU, etc.). The service supports prioritization of targeting criteria.

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