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Eastwind Call Guard

‘Black’ and ‘white’
lists of numbers
for calls


allow the user to set rules for handling
incoming calls from mobile numbers added to
the respective list, as well as rules
for handling outgoing local, intercity
and international calls

What a Subscriber Gains?

1. The ability to set rules for filtering in- and outbound calls.
2. The ability to organize groups of numbers within the ‘black’ and ‘white’ lists, with specific rules for each of the groups.
3. Unlimited quantity of numbers in the ‘black’ and ‘white’ lists.
4. The ability to control the service via a web interface, SMS/USSD or IVR.

What the Operator Gains?

1. Flexible setup of rules for ‘black’ or ‘white’ lists for corporate customers.
2. The opportunity to have Eastwind Camel Gateway included in the supply.
3. The opportunity to generate revenues from the monthly service fees.
4. The opportunity to build up subscriber loyalty by accurate management of calls and screening of unwanted calls.
5. The ability to offer multiple scenarios for the service: creation of groups in the ‘black’ and ‘white’ lists, setting schedules to handle calls from particular numbers, creation and application of a unique voice greeting.


​Functional Capabilities

1. Keeping and Setting User Profiles.
2. Setting the filtering rules for each type of traffic - incoming and outgoing.
3. Support of multichannel management of services by subscriber: USSD, SMS, IVR, web office, mobile app, Contact Center.
4. Diverting incoming voice calls individually for any specific number, for all calls from hidden numbers, or for all numbers.
5. Recording and playback of a personal voice greeting to be used in lieu of the standard notification when a call is declined.
6. Creating a group of numbers to which the rules of the ‘black’ or ‘white’ lists will apply.
7. Support of scheduled activation of lists for SMS/USSD notifications which are sent to subscribers when a particular event occurs.


‘Black’ and ‘White’ Lists for Corporates

1. Corporate customers can manage the ‘black’ or ‘white’ lists for all numbers tied to the corporate account.
2. The service is managed via the dedicated web-interface with expanded functionality and additional settings for lists.
3. A corporate account may include several groups of users, where the same user can be included in several groups.


«IN Shadow»

A service allowing subscribers to be
active in the network at the same time
staying unavailable and ‘invisible’
for calls and SMS from other subscribers.

The subscriber activates ‘IN Shadow’ service to become unavailable
for other subscribers while using the telecom network with no limitations.
Incoming calls and SMS are blocked. All callers hear the standard
‘subscriber is unavailable’ type of message, and the subscriber
receives SMS notifications of the attempted calls.

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