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SM Greeting


Help Info to Roamers


Welcome SMS – to inform visiting subscribers

that they have been registered in roaming,
and about the conditions of the current network.

Bon Voyage SMS – to inform ‘home’ subscribers
that they are in roaming now and are covered by
another operator at different rates.

What the Operator Gains?

  1. Improved subscriber loyalty thanks to timely notification of roaming registration and rates/services in the partner network (roaming).
  2. Prevention of accidental ‘near-border’ roaming when a telephone may incidentally get registered in the network of a roaming partner.
  3. The ability to send messages triggered by other events which are external for the platform: when a balance threshold has been reached, or a package of minutes/SMS/bytes/MMS has been used up in roaming.

​Functional Capabilities

- Keeping the profiles of users: the data may be used as targeting criteria in info broadcasts.
- Sending info SMS or USSD messages to home and visiting roamers.
- Keeping the profiles of networks of GSM roaming partners: the profile data can be used for targeted texts of info messages sent to roaming subscribers.
- Support of postponed messages, which is helpful for a near-border roamer.
- Support of language selection for greeting messages depending on the native language of roamers.
- Subscribers can manage the settings of Bon Voyage service via various channels - SMS/USSD, IVR, personal web office, Contact Center.
- Monitoring the registrations of home and visiting subscribers.


​​Criteria for SMS/USSD Message Targeting


The SM Greeting platform allows the operator to generate message text depending on:

- Type of travel
- Subscriber’s MSISDN
- Subscriber’s inclusion in a group
- Subscriber’s profile details
- Duration of roaming activity
- Time of day
- Type of registration (first-time, or repeated)
- Country and roaming partner
- Data from external systems (balance, rate plan, list of activated services, ARPU, etc.)


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