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A platform to enable intelligent routing management of a message over the highest-priority channel as of the sending time.


The priority is set based on the delivery cost, the subscriber’s willingness to use a particular channel, and the channel availability at the time of the delivery.

The platform supports the following channels

1. The operator’s channels (SMS, USSD, PUSH).
2. Messages in social networks (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, FB Messenger).
3. Messengers (Viber, WhatsAPP, Telegram).
4. Alternative channels (email and calls via an auto-responder).


Capabilities for effective
broadcast management

Adding new channels through the adding
of channel handling modules.

Adding a sufficient number of external broadcasting systems over SMPP
and other interfaces. The platform has a documented API.

Receiving and handling SMPP messages.

Keeping account of preferred delivery channels for operators and subscribers,
and of channels which are technically available.

Setting up the logic for preferred switching of delivery scenarios.

Support of message queues to ensure accountability and optimal load distribution.

Identifying the best delivery route for each message.

Modifying and adapting messages for the channel format.

Generation of alerts upon bulk non-delivery of messages.

Editing scenarios for subscriber handling.

Use of graphical interfaces.

Providing subscribers with tools to manage their profiles
(web, SMS, USSD, IVR) so they can set a preferred channel
depending on time, or veto particular undesired channels.


Available services

1. Notifications about your own events and special offers, i.e. using the platform for your own purposes.
2. Notifications about your partners’ events and campaigns.
3. Information on demand and by subscriptions of subscribers.
4. Commercials of third-party companies.


Eastwind Omnichannel Router
allows you to:

1. Minimize the cost of message delivery.
2. Increase the percentage of delivered messages by using the channels which are the most comfortable for subscribers.
3. Deliver the maximum amount of messages to subscribers without violating the policies of the companies whose products are engaged in the platform operation.


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