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Effective ad campaigns run by external advertisers and brands for mobile audiences, based on high-level targeting. Autonomous and integrated



One system to cater for the needs of various mobile ad market players that streamlines their interaction and facilitates cooperation to create and implement ad campaigns in the mobile environment.
All the capabilities to run advertising campaigns integrated in a single platform: 1) Planning, implementation, launch and management of ad campaigns for target audiences 2) Campaign negotiation between all stakeholders 3) Interoperation with transport systems, ad content delivery over various transport and service channels in the set time and volume
4) Campaign efficiency assessment 5) Management of the operator’s customer policies (Black & White lists, stop lists, calendar, etc.) 6) Settlements with advertisers and service providers

Key Benefits

  • Broadcast Database
  • Multiple channels
  • Support of restrictions
  • Pull & push channels
Broadcast Database

To define a delivery base:
- A single data repository
- No expenditure needed for the concurrent support of several bases

Quality handling
of segments


1. Segmenting subscribers and obtaining the number of subscribers at each step of the filtering
2. Use of mathematical and logical functions
3. Ability to import the segments created in external systems
4. Creation of customized parameters
5. Rules can be stored to be applied again in new campaigns

Campaign management is simple

- A special GUI enables the user to create, edit, negotiate,
launch, and pause ad campaigns

Precise and flexible targeting
for efficient campaigns


Campaign testing and optimization

using a software emulation of a cell phone


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