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How to ‘wrap’ subscriber data expertly and make money?
How to manage Subscribers easily and neatly, and never let them go?
How to run high-precision automated marketing campaigns?
How to create unique knowledge-based offers, deliver and activate the content, and assess the response and financial yield of campaigns?


Big Data arrives and changes
the idea of marketing

We are ready to show you a uniquely precise, timely and individualized marketing today!

Experience limitless possibilities for analyzing subscribers, their behaviors and lifestyles.



    Our platform allows you to study your subscribers to the maximum.

    How they live, what they do, what they are interested in, who they communicate with. It will help you identify new target audiences based on multiple targeting criteria in the easiest possible way.

Key Benefits

Ready predefined interfaces to search, analyze, and visualize data.

Many high-level parameters

Process automation and wide opportunities to export data into external systems

Product Tour


Study the functionality of Social Analytics at our specialized site www.welcometobigdata.com

Why Social Analytics by Eastwind?

  • Priceless experience
  • Working Cases
  • Pilot Project
  • Best Practice
Priceless experience

We have accumulated invaluable experience and competencies in the sphere of data aggregation and analysis.

We have run many pilot projects with operators, and found out exactly what analyzing methods and algorithms yield the best results for particular objectives.

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To be continued... What our new product has in store for you

New analytic parameters including RFM segmenting mechanisms
Automatically recommended services for subscribers - across the whole HLR
The development of the social graph, including new subscriber roles and metrics; introduction of relative indicators, and parameter visualization.

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