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Dependable and quick messenger
integrated into the operator’s network.
The service allows subscribers to make calls
and send messages from their mobile numbers
via the Internet.
The service can be monetized through
rating of calls to external numbers
and rating of SMS.



Roaming Abroad
A subscriber can always receive and make calls from their home number while traveling abroad. As long as they have their Internet access.
Keep in touch with your friends abroad
Your family and friends who travel abroad can install the app, get a subscriber number, top up their account, and then make calls from a foreign country at the rates of their home network.
Corporate Messenger
Share information and make decisions in a whiplash, notify colleagues and telework in groups. Each worker is always online.

Operator’s Benefits

Revenue from OTT service

​The operator can successfully compete with OTT services and capitalize by offering a unique service which is made possible thanks to the network integration.

Quick Start
and Go To Market

The app is a turn-key, and does not require big integration investment.

Communication Channel

​​The operator can use the app as an additional communication channel with subscribers, e.g. for marketing campaigns.

Unique options
when integrated in
the operator’s network  

Subscribers can call from the app over the web-based channel
from their own telephone numbers.

Subscribers receive incoming calls to their own telephone numbers
in the app - through a call divert.

They can send files with any extensions.

They can use the service on any GSM terminal
- it doesn’t have to be a smartphone.

They receive a single bill for the telephone and the app,
so it is easy to top up their accounts.

The service is highly available.

Polyphone App

A convenient branded Internet-based messenger app for smartphones running on
Android, iOS, and Windows-based computers.

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