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Polyphone App.
Freedom of communication.
Without borders.

A unique mobile messaging application
which allows subscribers to make calls
and exchange messages via the Internet for free,
while at the same time enabling the mobile operator
to generate revenues


And that makes
our solution
so tasty!


Calls to any numbers

Users can call any numbers at all and not only
the numbers of other users of the app

Traditional subscriber number

During the outgoing call to an ‘external’ called party,
their handset will identify it as a call from a ‘traditional’
mobile number so the called party can call back with no trouble

Taking incoming calls in the application

You can select the termination point of incoming calls:
the phone number via a GSM channel or the application

Save money while roaming

Save your actual money on roaming calls,
and pay for calls at your ‘home’ rates

Secured conversation

All text and voice connections between the application and the server
are encrypted and may not be intercepted by unauthorized parties.
All the messages will only be visible to the sender
and the recipient  

Polyphone App on all devices


Beeline Tajikistan
launches Salom


Salom app has the following
new functions:

A new subscriber can be registered with
a number from the operator’s number pool.

The app can show what the other person
is typing in reply

Image compression before sending

Accepting complaints of unwanted messages,
and blocking misbehaving users

​The operator can broadcast messages to users


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