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We have combined the services enabled by the voice portal into a single IVR menu
available by calling to a short or federal number.
The voice services can be provided by the operator itself or by specialized providers.
The system includes a multifunctional module Аdvice of Сharge which allows you
to inform your subscriber of the prices of particular services and request
the user’s consent to the provision of the service at the specified price.


Functional Capabilities

Organization of signaling exchange over SS7 INAP and SS7 MAP to receive calls to a single number dedicated for voice services, to manage call divert to the Advice of Charge voice platform and voice content portals.
1. Call screening: the user can create black lists of numbers (MSISDN) the calls from which cannot come to the IVR platforms. 2. Graphic interface to manage the contents of particular data sections and generate the content of the voice portal. 3. Support of Advice of Charge procedure allowing a subscriber to learn about the service conditions and consent to payment, before the actual service will be provided.
4. Caching MAP queries, with adjustable storage period. 5. Support of online and offline rating for any types of services – voice or content. 6. Support of various rating options for the portal services: premium rating by access duration, per-minute price, or event. 7. Tools to manage the handling logic of subscribers’ requests, the base of voice prompts, and the content base. 8. Real-time monitoring of the system operation and failure alerts.


​Content Database


The solution includes a content management system allowing the user to:

‐ freely configure the data structures for each of the content category type
‐ organize the content hierarchically
‐ automate group operations for content management
‐ set up the logic of import to the database
- launch the data reload process


Service Constructor for Voice Portal


The module is a menu editor allowing the portal user to:

- construct any quantity of menus which can be tied to specific numbers
- define the execution logic of any section of the voice menu
- test-run the service
- create emulations within the interface to play the prompts and submit requests to external systems.




High performance

Powerful hardware capable of handling ≥ 800 simultaneous voice calls
Licensing capacity of ≥ 400 simultaneously handled voice calls.


Fault Tolerance and Backup

Reliability level of 99.999%
Overall downtime of maximum 6 minutes per year
Software upgrades without interrupting the service operation.



Vertical scalability to increase the performance of the system components.
Horizontal scalability: adding new components to the existing system.
You can choose to upscale all of the system components
or individual modules.


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