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2016 - 2011 Pushing the Borders

  • Eastwind launched the renovated website to showcase new products and projects.

    Eastwind launched a dedicated website
    www.welcometobigdata.com, to present the capabilities of Social Analytics, the platform to analyze subscribers and their behaviors.

    The company started the development of the event-based marketing platform Eastwind Online Marketing.

    Eastwind goes on developing Social Analytics platform, adding new analytic parameters and improving SUI Analytics.

    For the operator Beeline Kazakhstan, Eastwind has developed a scoring system for contract telephones. Together with Beeline Tajikistan, Eastwind has launched the branded messenger Salom and the platform to combat SMS spam Eastwind Firewall.

    Eastwind has completed its first retail project - a mobile app for the regional chain perfumery stores Golden Apple.

    Eastwind’s employees took the second prize in SNA Hackathon event which took place in Ekaterinburg.

2010 - 2006 Strengthening the Brand

  • Eastwind takes part in “CNews 2000-2010: A Take on the Decade”, a media project aiming to summarize the development of the Russian telecoms market, and publishes the report of its milestones and achievements on the dedicated portal created by CNews.

    Eastwind builds on its relationship with the Turkmen national operator TMCELL. In 2010, the companies signed a contract to expand subscriber capacity of the billing system installed at the operator’s network.

    Eastwind has presented its new product portfolio including four product lines: OSS/BSS, Messaging, Value-Added Services and ContactCenter.

2005 - 2001 Transition to 3G

  • Eastwind becomes one of Russia’s first developers to implement a complex of billing and service solutions in a 3G network. Eastwind’s products have been installed in the network of the leading Tajik operator Babilon Mobile.

    Eastwind builds on partnership with the SMARTS group and modernizes the already installed SMS and USSD centers for the Volga region operators included in the group.

    Eastwind is included in Russia’s Top 100 IT companies built by Expert RA agency, and is listed second in the rating of the Urals leading software vendors. Eastwind releases Content Management System, a time-sensitive product at that time.

    Eastwind starts the program to support Russian science and education. The company regularly sponsors and holds cross-university student Olympic Games and competitions in programming, and organizes a course of lectures read by the company’s specialists.

2000 - 1997 Eastwind Billing System is released

  • Eastwind has been announced winner in the tender to supply a unified billing system for SMARTS Group.

    Eastwind expands the geography of installations. Daltelecom International and Sakhalin Mobile - two operators from the Russian Far East – become its customers. After a prepaid system has been installed in Sakhalin Telecom Mobile networks, the company is able to enter the market with a new umbrella brand for a group of prepaid rate plans. This results in an explosive growth of the subscriber base: it grows more than twice in the first 7 months after the first subscribers have been activated.

    Eastwind develops new subscriber care systems.

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