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Geo Location Platform
How to generate profit from
subscriber geolocation data?

Introducing our Location Solution


The platform enables the operator to:

1. Track coordinates of subscribers’ locations and movements on a one-time or periodic basis with the ability to view the location history over a certain period of time.
2. Transfer coordinates upon request from external systems.
3. Provide additional location-based services to subscribers.


How to use geo-location platform?

  • Family Under Supervision
  • Where Are Employees?
  • Targeted Advertising
Always Know Where Family Are

Request location – one-time / periodic / continuous.
Set up notifications about events.
View subscriber location history.
Show subscriber location and coordinates on the map.
Automatically request consent from the subscriber to be tracked.
Inform the subscriber that the supervised subscriber has visited a certain zone.
Manage the service via SMS commands, USSD menu, or web-based interface.
Add numbers to be tracked.
Specify locations (home, school, work) on the map.


1. Flexible service rating
2. Multi-data: various sources for obtaining location coordinates
3. Easy integration: simple APIs
4. Graphic web interface for platform management and interaction with content providers
5. Ability to transfer encrypted subscriber data to providers.


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