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Eastwind Social Analytics: Big Data at Your Command

30 june 2017
Every day, people exchange calls and messages, exploring the wonders of Internet, flag themselves on maps and make online publications. The information of their activities never disappears – it accumulates into virtual arrays of Big Data. Unstructured seas of information holding the details of users’ gadget-based activities.  


This is a reservoir of valuable information for business: every market analyst wants to know where the true customer hides. Telecom operators are the key ‘holders’ of Big Data. They were the first to start using Big Data and today the leading providers offer subscribers new rates and services, open sales offices and control the churn of customers based on the results of Big Data analysis. Operators know what lifestyles their subscribers pursue, what they are interested in and how regularly they pay. Operators may use this data for their own needs, or they may share it with other players and convert it into hard cash.  
Are you ready to recruit a dozen of analysts to handle vast arrays of data for you? Good specialists in Big Data are hard to find. Plus, not every market analyst is psyched up to embrace complex software programs, and training them means even more costs. When designing our Eastwind Social Analytics platform, three system requirements were put at the heart of it: automation, efficiency, and simplicity. Now, every marketing specialist can make a sample.


The installed platform itself analyses the telephone and Internet-related activities of subscribers to reveal patterns in their behaviors and interests. As a result, each subscriber gets an extended profile with data from ARPU in the last month to the number of their friends and social activity index. The System generates over 200 parameters and automatically selects only the relevant ones! In the end, the operator gets a structured base of data ready to be used. The intuitive interface helps marketing specialists to create samples in a matter of minutes.


You can create personalized service offers, stop spending your budget on unpromising subscribers, offer effective cooperation to your partners – and this is far from all the possibilities.  
Suppose, a certain portion of your subscribers do not use the Internet. How can you encourage them to connect? Use EW Social Analytics to parse the social ties of each customer and make your offer to those whose friends are mainly Internet users. Another example: you can detect subscribers who recently had children by their calls to government organizations and visits to theme-related websites. A chain of stores for moms and babies would be happy to broadcast their offers to such an audience.


Targeted marketing is something that works. Why spend your entire budget on those who are not interested in your offer a priori? Social Analytics helps optimize your expenditures, improve the effectiveness of ad campaigns, and therefore increase your profits. Eastwind pushes the boundaries: our Social Analytics platform is friendly to the user as well as to the budget. Try it and you’ll never want to go back to the traditional marketing models.

Learn more about EW Social Analytics capabilities, study the cases and use options at welcometobigdata.com
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