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New release of AdTarget: less routine, more freedom and flexibility

16 march 2021

The new version of Eastwind AdTarget is a truly big release designed for the marketer to automate the operations, streamline the work, and increase the productivity. It incorporates the know-how Eastwind has accumulated while implementing multiple targeted marketing projects, as well as customers’ suggestions for the functionality that have been reflected in the roadmap.

The testing of the new version was successfully completed in late 2020. At the moment, employees of the operator NUR Telecom are switching over to it. 

What Changed?

We have radically revised the solution licensing. From now on, the new Eastwind AdTarget will be based on open source software: ClickHouse, Redis, CentOS, PostgreSQL. For the client, this transition is a chance to save dramatically on regular license fees. 

Creation and alignment of campaigns has become much simpler thanks to the new workflow: 
  • First, the screen for target group selection now looks like a decision tree, which allows you to segment the database faster.
  • Second, the workflow has become more flexible: within one campaign, you can use different events, responses, and implement complex omnichannel strategies, including for different user segments. 
  • Third, AdTarget now uses data autofill when creating a campaign: for example, when you need to add an offer for another segment, the system will automatically fill in the parameters of the offer or subscriber's profile. 
  • Now, the system will automatically select the most effective option in the A/B testing, without the help of a marketer, which can greatly simplify continuous hypothesis testing. 
  • And finally, the version supports real-time checks: this allows the operator to set up automatic upsells (e.g., during account top-ups), or to send promos only to those subscribers from a segment who have enough money in their account.

The mechanism for evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns has also changed. Now the operator can choose one of the methods for KPI calculation: 
  • across a target group, 
  • across a local control group, to be compared against the target group, or 
  • across a universal CG, to be compared against a local CG.

In addition to NUR Telecom, two other mobile operators have scheduled a migration for this year. Several others will start running the new version from the get-go.

“As well as developing our product, we are trying to make the transition to new releases as simple and convenient as possible. The new functionality increases the effectiveness of targeted marketing for our customers and maintains continuity with the marketing mechanics introduced in previous versions. 

In turn, this allows us to focus on developing the latest version of the platform, and plan new major releases.”
Roman Vasilyev, Eastwind’s commercial director
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