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EW Mobile Marketing Platform doubles revenue of MegaFon Tajikistan

25 august 2019

The Customer Value Management class solution – EW Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP) – has become Eastwind’s fourth deployment in TT Mobile and the first system of this level in Tajikistan. Other renowned vendors demonstrated their products along with Eastwind during the pilot trials within the tender contest – however, Mobile Marketing Platform was the only solution to complete all cases and meet the specified conditions.

“It was a tough competition,” Eastwind’s head of sales Artyom Kirishchev recounts how the project began. “The customer gave us 4 identical cases and looked at the results of the solutions by different vendors. We launched on the customer’s servers, and the cases worked immediately. As a result, only our platform was the only one that stayed, and after the pilot, the customer asked us not to disable it.”

According to Pavel Olifer, Eastwind’s head of social analytics, the integration of MMP allowed TT Mobile to become the first in the local market to use the new channel - a mobile application. The case in point is the MegaFon Life branded GSM messenger introduced in December 2017, which offered finance, personal account, and chat bot services based on Eastwind's Polyphone digital platform. The operator can now launch broadcasts in its own messenger, with automatic analysis of historical data.

The work that MegaFon Tajikistan market analysts used to do manually has acquired a completely different scale with MMP: in one year, the operator launched 3,500 advertising broadcasts. Response rate for some of them reached 40%. Despite the impressive results, the developers say the platform has a much broader potential, and the customer has not yet employed all the capacities MMP offers.

“By integrating the Mobile Marketing Platform and Polyphone, TT Mobile has not only automated its target marketing, but also introduced big data analytics, increased productivity, doubled revenue without expanding its staff and improved NPS (Net Promoter Score, the index of consumer loyalty), because the system only sends targeted subscribers what they want, and only when it is relevant,” Mr. Olifer sums up.

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