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Life app update for MegaFon Tajikistan

1 december 2020
Eastwind specialists have completed the implementation and testing of a big release that includes updates to the app’s UX/UI and design as well as new capabilities for service monetization.

Since 2017, when the Life app was launched on the operator's infrastructure, Eastwind had been constantly improving the messenger and studying how customers interact with it, their user experience and habits. Based on this data, the use cases have been completely redesigned in the current release. For example, the screen with recent calls and payments became home screen because subscribers mostly open Life to make calls and top up their account. Other screens we re-ordered according to how often they are used: chats, wallet, services, personal account.

New mechanics were added, including those required by law. In Tajikistan, in order to make large-value transfers and not have restrictions in the mobile wallet, customers must verify their identity. Now identification is done through a partner service — a selfie is enough, visiting the bank is no longer necessary.

The changes are aimed at improving the user experience and increasing customer engagement, as well as giving the operator the ability to promote their own and partner services using banners.

The latest app version can already be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.
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