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Eastwind and Kcell: Training, insights, and future perspectives

17 july 2023

In July, Eastwind received a delegation from Kсell, the mobile operator from Kazakhstan. The Kсell team came for an in-depth training on how to work with Eastwind's Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP) — a CVM solution which the operator has been actively using for a long time.
This training was held for administrators, data analysts, as well as for platform users from the B2C department responsible for managing customer value.

Together with Kсell, we have analyzed the key aspects of working with MMP — from customer segmentation and campaign launch to extended report functionality. The interactive training sessions also addressed specific cases from the operator's experience and questions about them. For example, Eastwind and Kсell experts created campaign outlines in the AdTarget campaign manager during the training and also discussed ways to optimize them.

Apart from general training, Eastwind experts introduced the team to the new functionality of the system. The features that caught the most interest were campaign templates and campaign tags. This functionality makes working with standard campaigns more convenient. For instance, tags not only help in searching campaigns, but also allow you to filter campaigns by type in order to analyze them and set special contact policies for this type (frequency of sending messages, etc.).

The teams also shared their experiences and insights in CVM and discussed trends in this field in the telecom industry.

"It was a productive networking session for all participants and a great opportunity to get a comprehensive look at common problems and issues. These 5 days were about as effective as months of online webinar training."

Pavel Olifer, Director of Business Development at Eastwind

Platform functionality: Prospects
After the main part of the training, we discussed plans for the development of Mobile Marketing Platform. Kcell, being one of the most active users of this solution, has repeatedly introduced creative ideas for new features and tools, which Eastwind subsequently implemented in MMP. Now both teams have identified subscriber loyalty management and gamification of user experience as priority areas for further development.

Summing up
Eastwind and Kcell held a productive and intensive training, during which the parties not only immersed themselves in the capabilities of Mobile Marketing Platform and its components, but also exchanged ideas and thoughts on further development of cooperation and on the industry trends.
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