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Creating Gold Apple Mobile App: Our Retail Debut

13 june 2017
Eastwind has implemented its first retail project which allowed our team to apply their tech and analytical competences in a new way. The solution for the Gold Apple perfumery superstore transplants discounts to the mobile medium, improving customer loyalty and systemizing the work of offline consultants.

The mobile app for the customers is a personal mobile area where you can learn about the new arrivals, scheduled events and discounts within the retail chain. After installing, the service will request the user’s telephone number thus automatically synchronizing with their discount card. You can forget about that piece of plastic now: all the data, including the current bonus balance, discount level and purchasing history is stored in the customer’s smart phone. For maximum availability, Eastwind simultaneously developed the app for Android and iOS.

Apart from the ‘knowledge’, the app features the ‘action’ functionality: the users can in one click enroll for Customer Days, or waive at any moment via the personal scheduled events list. The inbuilt geo service streamlines planning of your visits to Gold Apple. The service shows the customer’s location on the map and where the chain’s closest stores or beauty salons are, specifying the working hours of each. The info on the new locations of a certain brandname will also be immediately visible in the news. By the way, we developed the mobile app parallel with Gold App opening its flagship superstore and launching a new bonus program.

Interestingly, Eastwind has actually created two parallel projects: the two apps, one for the customers and one for the shop consultants are joined by the common back end, and separated by the different objectives. For example, the app for consultants has ‘humanized’ the communication - so now the Gold Apple consultants can identify customers that come to the ‘offline’ stores and call them by names. We have supplemented the corporate version functionality by commercial data security and customer relations analytics. Thus, the company’s managers cannot see the clients’ personal telephone numbers even when they call, and yet the system can analyze the history of contacts to help build the most efficient communication strategy. Eastwind has been able to put its substantial expertise in Big Data to a good use.

Following the launch of the customer and consultant apps, the Gold Apple management have already noticed the growth of customer feedback and the increased efficiency of the shop assistants’ work. The anti-transfer protection of discount cards and analysis of purchases in the system allow for more personalized offers for users, while the inbuilt analytics ensures finely tuned targeted advertising. All the described functionalities work together to achieve the main goal - create a company that is omni-channel and close to its customers.
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