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EW Event Processing System to be installed in DPD Russia

17 december 2020
On October 20, Eastwind signed a licensing contract with the leading logistics provider in Russia DPD and began integrating EW Event Processing System with their infrastructure. The solution will unify all communication channels into a centralized system, ensuring omnichannel interactions and seamless user experience.

The EW Event Processing System is a standalone component that is also included with EW Mobile Marketing Platform. It enables integration with internal systems — CRM, ERP, contact centers — and customization of the interaction logic between them and external sources.

The solution will receive submitted orders from billing, identify them and then send a dispatch instruction to the Genesys contact center, also indicating the preferred communication channel. This can be a call, SMS, email or messenger, for example, Whatsapp, Viber, VK, Telegram.

Eastwind engineers have already worked with logistics providers, but each project is unique. The reason is that all clients use different software — this time the solution is to be integrated with DPD's own billing and a Genesys contact center.

“We are proud to work with DPD and are sure that EW Event Processing System will help our partners become even better. This project also confirms that there is demand for Eastwind products in various industries. This is important for us".
Pavel Olifer, Head of Business Development at Eastwind

With EW Event Processing System, DPD will be able to take customer communication to the next level. Our low-code editor allows for changing the logic of business processes in a visual mode, as well as adding custom components to simplify staff’s work. Customer interactions will become more transparent, automated and flexible.
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