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Eastwind automates marketing for SberMobile

6 april 2023
2023 started for Eastwind with marketing automation. Another customer for whom we implemented an integrated CVM solution based on AI and Big Data was SberMobile.

Integration with the customer's infrastructure began in August 2022. We prepared the equipment, configured and tested the system. And in December, Eastwind specialists held a Proof of Concept: we launched the pilot, started several campaigns and demonstrated the platform interface.

The Solutions

Given the scale of the challenges we faced, we implemented the following products in SberMobile’s IT infrastructure:
  • DataFlow. A tool for data analysts and data engineers to work with Big Data in the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • AdTarget. Campaign manager for marketers. It allows you to manage communications of any complexity based on deep analytics and AI recommendations.
  • Navigator. A platform that allows you to create and quickly deliver value-added services to customers.
  • Social Analytics. A platform that enables the operator to analyze subscriber activity, identify patterns and build behavioral models.
Our integration with SberMobile was supported by our colleagues  at Berkut - they provided the Business Rules Engine product. The BRE added triggers, important for promoting services, to the CVM platform.

Goals and Objectives

The decision to use a high-end platform to launch campaigns was dictated by the natural evolution of the business. SberMobile passed the point where, with the current number of subscribers, the best economic effect would be achieved from using Big Data and AI.

It was natural to want to create a centralized and automated system where campaigns could be easily created and managed.

Here are just some of the goals and objectives that the customer set for us:
  • Reduce Time To Market. Previously, the customer had very limited analytics resources. Now, analytics and targeting are automated processes. At the same time, setting up campaigns has become more convenient and flexible. The symbiosis of these advantages has simplified and accelerated the process of launching campaign chains.
  • Precise segmentation.  In the past, the lack of the right parameters was a problem for audience segmentation. Now, thanks to the depth of the subscriber profile,  sampling can be much more accurate - thus affecting the growth of conversions.
  • Data democratization. Due to platform's user-friendly interface, employees do not need to make additional downloads, change code, or ask analysts to prepare data.
  • Increased number of channels. Since the implementation of the CVM platform, several communication channels have been used: SMS, push notifications and mobile-app-notifications. This reduces the load on the SMS center.
  • Easier launch of trigger campaigns. The campaign management system helps SberMobile to confidently implement trigger communications. In addition, after the campaign is launched, it is possible to analyze the results and adjust it, if necessary.


Eastwind is currently training specialists to use the Social Analytics platform. In the future, the system needs to be more tightly integrated with SberMobile’s mobile application and the call center.

"Working with SberMobile is an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions for marketing automation and customer value management. We are confident that we will be a strong competitor to any foreign counterparts based on Big Data and Machine Learning."

Pavel Olifer, Head of Development at Eastwind
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