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Eastwind turns 20!

24 july 2017
We’ve seen it all: from the birth of mobile telecommunications in Russia to the new future world technologies coming into our everyday lives. Twenty years is a long run. We have caught tail wind in our sails, we have flown higher and climbed down, but we have always held our course. Read a short chronology of Eastwind in five passages.

Back in 1997, a group of newly-graduated software engineers developed a voice mail system for a Russian pioneering telco Uralwestcom. They decided to invest the earned money in their own company called Eastwind. We believe the name to be positively charged on a very profound level. The wind from the East represents positive changes, strength, speed and power. The innovative entrepreneurs recognized no boundaries; therefore the name came into existence in the Russian and English languages simultaneously. Boris Bubnov, one of the founders and the director of Eastwind, later told CNews: “We had several factors converge favorably – our personal interest in the area, the synergy of like-minded enthusiasts, and the intuitive understanding  that  telecoms are a tight bundle of opportunities.”

Intuition was what led many people at the time. However, our young entrepreneurs were full of determination. As early as 1999, Eastwind created its flagship product Eastwind Billing System. And immediately, the first installations: Kaliningrad Mobile Networks in 1999 and the SMARTS operator group in 2000. Our company built itself a name as a major IT player and stormed into the telecoms market. New installations and entry to the international playgrounds followed. The company was enhancing its product line and collaborating with global vendors; supporting university programming champs and holding its own annual user group conference Formula Eastwind for friendly operators. The new millennium ideas blowing in the wind and our endless enthusiasm was what delivered our startup success.

Looking back, we have always wanted to be a step ahead. We did not just follow in the footsteps of the ‘native’ industry; instead we tried to find opportunities to apply our expertise to other areas. ‘Move to improve’, our motto reflects the essence of Eastwind’s philosophy: to improve the lives of people through IT solutions, and keep changing; move further as soon as we have reached a goal. Amid the boom of traditional telecoms, we were wondering how else we could use the vast volumes of subscriber data. When no one yet spoke of IoT in Russia, we got interested in the creation of smart technologies which were to automate working routines for people. And of course, Eastwind has always thought of the customers and end users of its products: always ready to meet halfway, helping with problems and anticipating needs. Our strategy has been able to successfully counter the challenges of the market in the most uneasy times. This is because we have always explored multiple directions and prepared new sails for new winds.

​Eastwind’s results and achievements over the 20 years have been made possible by a united team of specialists – a team that has grown from only a few people to a company of highly qualified and highly motivated people. Today, Eastwind is focused on Big Data developments. We continue to be experts in our area and exploring new paths. Since 2011, we have been developing unique telecom-based products for analytics and targeted marketing. Our history includes over 150 projects inplemented in 9 countries; and ahead of us are new horizons, inspiring ideas and challenges of tomorrow. We are 20, and the story goes on.
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