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Eastwind VAS Creation Stack

A solution for independent development and optimization of interactive telecom services

A universal tool for the operator to “virtualize” various VAS products within a single platform, and then independently develop VAS without involving third-party developers.

VAS Creation Stack is a service bus that interconnects the components of a telecom operator’s infrastructure - switching equipment, billing systems, short message centers, service platforms, signaling, voice gateways and routers, external information systems and databases.
The Platform ensures the interaction of all integrated systems, including in real time.

Problems a carrier may encounter

Services are deployed on different platforms

Each of the platforms needs technical support
Long life of solutions

Maintenance of old products and technologies is costly
Multiple services

High operating costs and increasing cost of production hurt financial performance

Why is it difficult for the operator to quickly launch new services on their own?

  1. A heterogeneous technology stack requires highly skilled developers
  2. Services may be integrated using proprietary/custom protocols
  3. No access to source code

Ready integrations

The platform supports an optimal protocol stack for integrating with the operator infrastructure components – SMPP, SS7 (MAP/CAP), Diameter, SIP/SIP-I, SOAP, WSDL, XML, SQL. By building interaction scripts for the integrated systems, the operator can design a virtually unlimited number of new VAS services.

Service Designer


The graphical editor allows you to create interactive services in the form of flowcharts.

You can add items by simply dragging and dropping from the toolbar. More than 50 standard functions and actions are supported.

If necessary, the standard set of actions can be expanded with elements of interaction with specific external systems.

Service repository

The Platform includes a repository of subscriber services
to enable control of software versions, such
as rollback to the previous version, test run
and delayed launch of new versions.

The module has the following functions:
Accounting and support for service versions

Managing revision (version) statuses

Testing scripts (services).

You can implement any subscriber VAS

MCN+ (Who Called / I’m Online)

SMS notifications about missed calls and subscribers appearing in the network
Phantom Call

Failed call notification via pseudo call
Talking Zero

A collect call service (receiving party pays, RPP)
Bon voyage / Welcome SMS

Information about services for roaming subscribers

Voice mailboxes and IVR menus for listening to messages
Call / SMS Guard

Filtering in / outbound calls and SMS using "black" and "white" lists
USSD Clip & End of Call Notification

Information about calling numbers that were hidden.
Notification about balance status after outbound calls or SMS.
Info Broadcasts

Outgoing SMS broadcasts that can be charged extra – news, weather forecasts, horoscopes, emergency notifications.
Entertainment Services

Subscription for various infotainment content through an IVR portal or USSD menu, SMS quizzes and anonymous SMS chats
Interactive polls

Polling subscribers by SMS or IVR to calculate CSI and NPS indices
Customer Self-Care

Interactive USSD/IVR menu for subscribers to manage their own profiles without contacting the operator
Low balance notification

Automatic notification about the need to top up or use Trust Payment

Key Benefits

Lower maintenance costs

One platform is cheaper to maintain than several “mono” solutions – thanks to the optimized use of hardware resources, system and application software licenses
Simplified Technical Support

Single point of communication makes the processes easier to control
You create multiple new services

You can build various fundamentally new services using the implemented integrations with your systems and combining the functionalities of existing systems
Development reuse

An implemented integration or service can be used to create other services, thereby reducing the go-to-market of new VAS
Modify services on the fly

Add a new branch to the scheme instead of rewriting the code: The operator can quickly respond to changing market needs and minimize the time and financial costs throughout the service life cycle
Various options for solution delivery

Upfront payment
Paying CAPEX in monthly installments
Revenue sharing, and remote management of VAS products (outsourcing)