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Mobile Contact


A branded mobile application
to synchronize subscribers’ contacts
with the operator’s server


Unique Options for Subscribers:

Your contacts are safe come what may.
Easy to move your contacts from one device to another.
Automatically arrange your contact directory
and bring together contacts from all your mobile devices.



When synchronized, all your contacts
will be transferred from your mobile
to the SyncML server.
The platform matches the received
information with the user’s contact
directory stored on the server
and adds new contacts, if needed.
Prior to the directory synchronization,
the system will automatically back up
the current list of contacts.


User Capabilities


1. Registration
2. Authorization
3. Profile editing
4. Password change
5. Password restoration/reset
6. Receiving synchronization settings via SMS
7. Receiving guidelines for manual synchronization setup




View list of contacts
View contact profile
Add contact
Edit contact
Deleting a contact: the deleted contact will be
moved to the recycle bin, and can be restored if required
Exporting a contact: selected contacts from the list
are exported as vCard, and can further be imported
to e-mail programs


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