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Fast ETL processes for large amount of non-homogenous data

A universal system to interface the switching equipment with the OSS/BSS systems

Gathering and handling of rating data, network statistics, failure and emergency histories generated by systems from different vendors.
Collecting Data
Gathering rating and network data from many different sources
Handling of the data flow and saving the data to files; aggregating the traffic
Archiving raw data
Guaranteed delivery of data from remote nodes
Handling and delivering data
Filtering, verifying and controlling the correct data input
Normalizing and correcting data
Handling data in ASN.1 representation
Support of various xDR formats
Consolidating and separating data
Handing the formatted data over to external systems


  • Low OPEX
  • Robustness
  • Performance
  • Scalability

​The system allows centralized control, requiring minimum of operating staff and their competencies: this results in lower operational expenses to support and enable collection of rating data and other network data.

Network expansion or configuration changes will not effect any increase in expenditures on the system owning and servicing.


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