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Take a Step into Digital Future

Big Data and machine learning, omnichannel and real-time technologies, chat bots and artificial intelligence - yesterday's trends are now business reality. Digital transformation unites companies, people and technology. Towards what goal? Making your business efficient, profitable and useful to society.
Eastwind Digital Future products will help telecom operators to initiate their own digital transformation. We have analyzed global practices, added our own insights and incorporated the key takeaways into IT solutions. 
Start changing now: you won’t want to miss the opportunities of your digital future. 


Polyphone Universe

Messenger as a
Technology Platform to
Integrate Digital Services


Eastwind Polyphone means calls via Internet and to GSM numbers,
convenient chats and unlimited possibilities for communication,
service, and entertainment

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Eastwind Mobile Assistant


User Area at Your Fingertips

The application provides the user with a window to
the telecom operator’s world and enables them to
manage and control their service use.

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Native mobile apps: Maximum quality guaranteed

We have accumulated a lot of experience in developing mobile products. We take up complex applications with a large server part and try to make them the best. We have ready-made solutions for creating applications and we develop custom applications.

We will start with the development of a full-scale technical design, even if you have one already in place. This paramount document will be drawn up by our professional application designer.
We develop the interface map and features of the future application. We pay special attention to usability characteristics. We do not create mediocre design.

We build a team from the pool of our developers based on your requirements. We engineer the application architecture, and then we program, test and publish the application in App Store and Google Play.
We provide warranty and post-warranty support.

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