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Eastwind will supply VCS to Beeline Kazakhstan

27 october 2017

VAS Creation Stack platform will enable one of the largest Kazakh operators to create and launch new VAS for its subscribers without involving vendors.

LLP Kar-Tel, operating in Kazakhstan under Beeline brand, has decided to become more independent in creating software products. Reducing the cost of new services rollout and technical support is possible by either hiring your own development staff or installing a high-class design solution such as VAS Creation Stack (VCS). Kar-Tel has taken the second option - more flexible and economical in the long term. VCS does not require the operator's employees to have a deep knowledge of programming, while the time needed for the service launch and fine-tuning will be reduced 2-3 times. What used to take months will now be possible in a matter of weeks. Product support will also become simpler, thanks to a single management interface that will integrate multiple VAS in one system.

The tender for the platform supply went in two phases. The first phase started in 2016 and was modeled as the lease of the vendor’s VCS. This allowed the operator to make a preliminary assessment of the market situation. Later, Kar-Tel suspended the tender, only to reopen it in June 2017, with a new business model. Eastwind won the contest, as our solution fully met the operator's technical requirements for the system.

"We have already arranged the first steps to implement the contract: we went to Kazakhstan and discussed the architecture of the future solution," Artem Kirishchev, head of sales at Eastwind, comments on the tender win. “It is important to understand that despite the globality of the system, it must be customized as much as possible to solve the tasks of this specific operator. So now we are working on a detailed technical design. Once it is ready, we will start the development and step-by-step deployment.”

The operator divided the project implementation into two phases: first the primary mandatory modules will be rolled out, then the additional ones. Eastwind will partially migrate the existing Beeline Kazakhstan services to the single VCS platform as early as this year.

The deployed system will serve as the environment for the development, testing and introduction of subscriber VAS. Using flowcharts provided by the GUI, the operator can design products based on IVR, SMS, USSD and other technologies. After it has been deployed, all that VAS Creation Stack needs will be minimal technical support and periodic updates of modules to enable creating and launching new products.
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