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Eastwind Attends Supplier Day of Veon Group in Astana

22 february 2018

"Local Day of Supplier" hosted by Beeline Kazakhstan was held on February 7 in Astana. The operator’s partners and representatives of Veon HQ in Amsterdam and Kiev gathered to discuss ways of cooperative development amid the current market transformation.  

Eastwind visited to discuss the ongoing projects with the operator. The partners spent more time discussing VAS Creation Stack, which is now in active development. The system will allow the operator to independently create new services for subscribers with minimal vendor support. VCS is going to be deployed in 2018. At the meeting in Astana, the parties looked at new ways of the project development.

The Supplier Day was productive - it gave us new contacts and new ideas," says Artem Kirishchev, head of sales at Eastwind. – “After returning to Yekaterinburg, we continued the dialogs with the operator and with other partners. The goal of the event has been achieved - new alliances are already being created. I believe the fact that we were invited is an indicator of a good operator-vendor relationship, since not everyone gets to be invited to such events. This means we are doing a good job. We are grateful to KaR-Tel LLC for the invitation and for the partnership."

The event consisted of three parts: the formal part, the scheduled negotiations, and the entertainment program. The plenary part was mainly dedicated to the issues of standards compliance and adherence to corporate and business ethics. The organizers presented the Business Partners Code of Conduct for successful long-term cooperation with Veon, explained why it is in the partners’ interests to adhere, and gave an overview of the company's key projects. After the awarding individual suppliers for a significant contribution to the development of Beeline Kazakhstan, the event transformed into a series of closed negotiations.

Supplier Days are regular meetings that take place annually in countries where the companies of the Veon Group are located. The events generally aim at strengthening the existing partnerships, making important decisions on current projects, and modeling new alliances and initiatives. Kazakhstan, where Veon is represented by KaR-Tel LLC operating under Beeline brand name, has hosted Local Supplier Day for the second time.
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