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Eastwind SMS Firewall featured in a research by MarketsandMarkets

5 june 2020
Research firm MarketsandMarkets has included Eastwind among the key players in the IT solution market’s SMS firewall sector in a study published in May this year.

Eastwind's management was happy to share the company’s view on market trends, current challenges and further development of the technologies for filtering and monetizing gray SMS traffic.

According to the forecast by MarketsandMarkets, the SMS firewall market size is expected to grow by about 36% and reach $3B by 2025. The demand for these products is driven by the increase of SMS traffic — especially A2P — which, in turn, is explained by the abundance of service messages that providers send to users: transaction details, reminders, location confirmation, etc.

One of the main problems, according to the study, is that large amounts of A2P messages are terminated illegally or bypassing MNO-approved delivery routes. As a result, telcos lose a significant share of their revenue. The number of spam and spoofing attacks is not decreasing either — scammers invent new fraud schemes all the time. In these circumstances, a special solution for filtering SMS traffic and monitoring the network becomes a must for the operators.

Eastwind SMS Firewall is featured among the products that successfully cope with the most pressing tasks: gray traffic monetization and spam detection. The solution accurately identifies A2P traffic, determines the messages’ origin and blocks those that are delivered via illegal or P2P routes. MNOs like Beeline (Kazakhstan), Babilon-Mobile and Zet-Mobile (Tajikistan) have been successfully using Eastwind’s firewall to solve these problems over the years.

You can request the "SMS Firewall Market" report in full on the MarketsandMarkets website.

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