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Hello, Barcelona: Eastwind at MWC 2018

26 february 2018

Mobile World Congress 2018, the central annual event in the telecom industry, officially started on February 26. Live from Barcelona, team Eastwind is reporting on who have come to the event this year and what key themes have already been announced.

Building a better future now, or how can we use technology to make life brighter and more convenient: this seems to be the big question of the Congress in 2018. Each participant has come up with their own answers – and this translates into no less than 2,300 companies in the exhibition area and about 40 renowned conference speakers. Apart from that, the traditional MWC agenda features global vendors of devices and software demonstrating the latest developments. Samsung is presenting the capabilities of Galaxy S9 and S9 +, other giants breathing down its neck with improved versions of their high-tech pocket wonders. The planet’s biggest mobile exhibition has gathered all the market players from Sony and Huawei to BlackBerry and Land Rover. These days, the visitors will see, hear and test every last word of the industry: from robots for all tastes and tasks to a ready-for-service 5G infrastructure, from VR theaters to AI labs. Then there are multiple networking areas and events to discuss the impressions of the future already here and build on new business connections.
In 2018, the MWC organizers have singled out 5 key themes. Among them, the telecommunications networks development to achieve the full 5G coverage, and the emergence of new smartphones that can grasp all the new technologies. Also on the agenda of the congress: telecom business refocusing to future data and video content, risks and opportunities of IoT and Artificial Intelligence at the head of everything.
"The question is not what computers can do today," Microsoft president Brad Smith and head of the research group Harry Shum commented on the role of AI before WMC, "It’s what they should do."
Besides the main agenda, the Congress cannot ignore the latest achievements in fintech, information security, blockchain, and unmanned driving.
This year, our team is presenting the new developments in Big Data, targeted marketing, and mobile ecosystems. At the Eastwind exhibition stall, we showcase systems that allow the telecom to juggle dig data, bring customer experience to new quality levels, and fit all the needs of the subscriber and the operator into one mobile telephone. We know how to make the future accessible and convenient today – this is something we can tell you about at MWC 2018.
"On the first day of WMC, we heard the leaders of the world's largest telecom operators speak," says Yana Deryabina, deputy commercial director for marketing at Eastwind. - We totally second the opinion voiced at the conference that today telecom is the key driver of innovation that channels hi-tech to every home. Mobile World Congress is an excellent platform for dialogue between vendors and operators. We see new ways for a better digital future being created here right now." 
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