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300 people have found their Game of Thrones matching character at INNOPROM 2018

27 july 2018

Eastwind has presented its machine learning and data science solutions at the international exhibition.

Representatives of 107 countries have taken part in Russia’s main industrial exhibition. This year's event, with South Korea as the partner country, focused on Digital Production. Eastwind debuted at INNOPROM and presented its products at the stall of the Sverdlovsk region. The intense networking at the exhibition brought the company new professional contacts with potential partners, both domestic and international.

The first day of the INNOPROM business program featured the main strategic session aimed to outline the trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - 3D printers, robotics, Big Data technologies, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things. Eastwind’s own experience at the exhibition can prove the relevance of these trends: most of the future collab arrangements were prompted by data analysis case studies and competencies.

Potential partners got interested in our Eastwind DataFlow module, which greatly simplifies the work with analytical models on Hadoop. Professionals at the event highly appreciated our analysts skills in machine learning and neural networks. It was easy to achieve that: Eastwind had written a program to find "Game of Thrones" look-alikes specifically for INNOPROM-2018. Although, the interactive app that took our programmers only a short time to develop, everyone that participated found a GoT character bearing a distinctive similarity to themselves. Fun fact: the program identified the majority of visitors as representatives of the Targarien house.

The exhibition helped Eastwind to confirm the relevance of its solutions and their adaptability to any sector of the economy. INNOPROM has shown that our experience in telecoms, banking and retail can be used to build of customized solutions for industrial enterprises. Government representatives were interested in our competencies in text categorizing and tagging: these technologies can be used to process incoming public requests. For Eastwind, INNOPROM has become a space to build promising business contacts and a platform to start development in new industries.
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