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Eastwind at TurkmenTEL 2023: Data Governance and Other Telecom Trends

15 november 2023

Last week, Eastwind took part in TurkmenTEL 2023 — an annual exhibition and conference on the trends and innovations of the telecom industry. The event brought representatives from 80 countries and international organizations together in Ashgabad on November 9th and 10th.

Giving a presentation on behalf of our company, Roman Vasilyev, Eastwind CCO, discussed the best practices of data governance and how they help companies build efficient and reliable data infrastructure for their future growth and prosperity.

Modern trends show us that data-driven companies outcompete the others in their markets — even more so in the telecom industry. That is why it is especially important for companies working with big data to implement a data governance strategy and instruments — and consistently follow its guidelines.

To profit from big data, companies should consistently use modern data governance practices for information storage and management.

A neglectful attitude to data storage can result in data silos which make it harder to access and process the information stored in them. It leads to a lower efficiency of data usage and, effectively, to lower income rates. Data governance helps avoid such consequences by employing software solutions, strategic planning, and specific management practices.

“Implementing data governance can be time-consuming and even painful. It requires more than just technical changes: it obliges you to restructure your management and business processes. That is why it is crucial to keep this change gradual and ensure experts track it all along.”

Roman Vasilyev, Eastwind CCO

Our software and expertise have already helped several companies implement data governance principles and achieve tangible results: we shared this experience with colleagues in our presentation.

During the event, Eastwind CEO Boris Bubnov met Khadzhimyrat Khudaigulyev, the Chairman of Transport & Communication Agency, and Hojaniyaz Avganov, the CEO of TM Cell—a mobile provider in Turkmenistan and our respected client. We discussed our projects in data security, our plans for future partnerships, and general trends of the telecom industry in the region.

Our company has participated in almost every TurkmenTEL conference since the first event. This year’s conference was the first in 4 years to be held completely offline.

“We value the opportunities that TurkmenTEL exhibitions and conferences open for us. Along with sharing experiences with colleagues, we get to look at industry trends from different angles, establish new contacts, and strengthen the old ones.”

Boris Bubnov, Eastwind CEO
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