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Eastwind at Turkmentel 2022: New features of TMChat by Eastwind

11 november 2022

Eastwind participated in Turkmentel 2022—the annual exhibition and conference held on November 10 and 11 for telecom industry experts. This year, the event hosts brought the international participants together via an online video conference, and for the national companies and officials, there was an exhibition in Ashgabat.

The Eastwind team was represented by Andrew Alimpiev, Head of the Eastwind's International Market department. In his speech, he discussed the TMChat messenger—a new client service developed for the TMCell operator on the basis of the Eastwind Polyphone digital platform.

TMChat has just recently become available to TMCell subscribers. Apart from calls and messaging, which are standard for messengers, it offers users an entire ecosystem of communication and entertainment services. The app provides user support in an intelligent chatbot. This functionality improves the customer experience and significantly reduces the TMCell call center's workload. The operator will later be able to use the data obtained from the chatbot in AI/ML models for the loyalty management system.

With the latest update, the app grew to include a news feed. In the news feed, the users can view news from selected sources in a convenient format. Thus, TMChat by Eastwind began to serve as a social network—the first of its kind in Turkmenistan. 

"Our experience with projects in other countries shows that the greatest additional income brought to the operator by TMChat comes from App-GSM-App calls. Such calls allow travelers and migrants to stay connected at all times and prevent their churn from the home network."

Andrew Alimpiev, Head of the International Market department at Eastwind

Now, TMCell and Eastwind experts are already discussing the further stages of the platform's development. One of the following updates will bring financial services into the app. Among those will be payments for third-party services promoted via the app, transfers to other wallets, and mobile loans. The main goal of the TMChat team is to turn the app into a universal digital service platform that provides most of the services its subscribers need.
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