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The Eastwind Team Attended DUMP 2024

16 may 2024
DUMP is an annual conference for developers. On April 26, the event was held in Yekaterinburg for the thirteenth time, presenting ten sections ranging from Backend to Science and Platform Engineering. On this day, specialists from different departments of the Eastwind team traditionally gathered at a conference to learn about the latest industry trends.

At such events, we always want to learn about new developments in software development —in particular, in enterprise—to further implement this knowledge into our processes. This time, my main discovery was that modular monoliths are trending—though we have used this approach to develop our products for over ten years.

Lev Shikhov, head of the interface group at Eastwind

Attending DUMP not only enriches knowledge but offers a unique opportunity to learn from others' experiences. By observing how companies tackle similar challenges, we gain practical insights that help us avoid common pitfalls and accelerate our progress towards our goals.

While waiting for the sessions, attendees could communicate and continue the discussions that started in the talks

Both young and experienced developers found the talks on DUMP helpful. The team agreed that the company's development strategies aligned with the market.

As a team, we are proud of our mature solutions, which have stood the test of time regarding stability and quality. However, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the future, constantly evolving our team and the company's technological stack. This ongoing optimization is a testament to our dedication to improving our work and enhancing our products.

Mikhail Voronin, Eastwind developer

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