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Only Wanted Calls: Call Filtering by Eastwind Works at Beeline Kazakhstan

1 august 2017
We have implemented our call and message filtering solution in the network of Beeline Kazakhstan. With this service, Kazakhstan subscribers now can create up to four groups of contacts, and black-list or white-list incoming and outgoing calls and text.     

Flexibility of the service settings was the key system requirement defined by the operator KaR-Tel, working in the republic under the brand name Beeline. Eastwind bid with its full-fledged out- and inbound traffic filtering tool that can effectively solve the task set by Beeline Kazakhstan and open more opportunities for the service.

Call Filtering allows subscribers to set processing rules for in- and outbound calls and SMS. You can configure each communication channel in accordance with your preferences and needs. For example, you can block incoming voice calls from a group of numbers, but allow SMS messages from it and so on.

Subscribers of Beeline Kazakhstan can use the service to manage their individual settings via My Beeline app. Apart from that, Call Filtering can be managed via multiple channels: USSD, SMS, IVR, web-office, Call Center.

At the moment, the service is available in KaR-Tel’s network in a test mode - for the company's employees. After trials, the product will officially launch for users.  

The uniqueness of our solution is versatility: it allows a whole bunch of useful services instead of just black-listing unwanted calls and SMS.

How else can you use Call Filtering?
  • Create white lists, and you will only receive calls and SMS from approved numbers: others will be barred.
  • Set up outbound filters: convenient for parents who need to control their children's calls. Or white-list only the approved numbers – and never worry your head again about unwanted or accidental callers.
  • Control SMS traffic: disallow sending text to short numbers and protect yourself and your loved ones from fraudulent or simply too expensive SMS.
  • Create text filters: bar SMS with undesirable language by setting stop-combinations of characters.  
  • Record and use your own greetings for different number groups.
  • Monetize the service: control your employees' calls.     

This is not a complete list of possibilities - it can be expanded and modified. For example, we have used the solution to create the unique IN Shadow option: when the option is on, the subscriber becomes ‘invisible’. A caller will hear the automatic ‘the user is not available’ message, while our user will receive info about the incoming call. After that, the user can call back if they choose so.

"Our solution gives a subscriber a personal network barrier, - says Anton Ageyev, head of computer telephony at Eastwind. - Thanks to the system, you can now set your own rules how to interact with your contacts. This is an individual approach to call and SMS filtering, which no operator's anti-spam protection configured by common parameters can offer."  
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