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Eastwind supplied campaign manager в TMCELL

12 february 2018

AdTarget platform is designed to automate the planning, setting up and conducting of promo campaigns. The operator can segment the subscriber base by multiple targeting parameters, and increase the efficiency and speed of mailings.

Altyn Asyr, which operates under TMCELL brand, became Turkmenistan’s only operator in autumn 2017. This resulted in an explosive growth of the subscriber base of the company, which had already been the country’s largest provider of mobile communications. The introduction of Campaign Manager from Eastwind, a new stage of the long-standing partnership that had begun back in 2007, was a timely measure to support the operator’s transport system in the new environment.

Eastwind AdTarget is the foundation upon the operator will build, run and manage promo campaigns. The platform can be integrated with billing and transport systems, which ensures constant updating of data to segment the subscriber base and to select the best channel for mailings. For more marketing potential, AdTarget can be integrated with external big data and real-time marketing tools.

Functional capabilities of Eastwind AdTarget:

·         Support of push and pull mailing channels. The operator can initiate bulk or targeted broadcasts via SMS and USSD, as well as add "tailings" to service alerts, subscriber requests, etc. The system allows adding any number of pull channels.

·         Support of dynamic text attributes. As the system continuously interacts with billing, the platform knows the contacts of each subscriber, the status of their account balance, how long they have used the operator’s communication services, and other information. AdTarget can automatically include this data in the promo text to make the operator-subscriber communication more personalized.

·         Contact Policy settings. The system provides flexible mechanisms for regulating the number of messages that a subscriber will receive via each of the advertising channels. This function can dosage the promo messages and protect the operator from the negative effect caused by over-promotion.

·         Dedicated space for campaign management by third parties, partners and advertisers. The system allows you to personalize the configuration of mailings. This brings the operator more opportunities to generate additional revenue.     

In TMCELL, a basic version of AdTarget was installed. The project was deployed in record time: the system, which will normally take thousands of hours to roll out, was implemented in a few months.   

Eastwind supplies the system as a standalone product or as part of EW Mobile Marketing Platform. The complex solution also includes EW Social Analytics for deeper data analysis, and the trigger platform EW Event Processing.
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