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Well-Targeted: Ucell Installs Eastwind AdTarget

26 july 2017
Ucell, one of Uzbekistan’s major telecoms players, was looking for a solution to generate revenue from partner advertising. In its SMS Sponsor tender, the operator's specialists identified the main functions of the platform: sampling target groups of subscribers and launching targeted third-party broadcasts to the samples. Ucell selected Eastwind AdTarget for the advantages of the integrated solution: our platform offered the operator what they needed and even more.      

EW AdTarget system is designed for a mobile operator to plan, create, and run internal and affiliate advertising campaigns. “The system can be used to broadcast important information messages, e.g., warnings from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, - says Alexander Pavlov, product manager at Eastwind. – Messages can be broadcast across the operator’s subscriber base as well as across user-defined lists of subscribers. Importantly, our solution offers wide possibilities for customer analysis, to ensure accurate sampling based on interests, geo location, demographics, and other characteristics."
The platform uses push and pull channels to deliver messages. SMS and USSD are delivered as push messages, and the operator can add as many pull channels as it needs.

For Ucell, we have installed the basic version of the system with the ability to send SMS, since this is the most typical channel for affiliate advertising. While the operator fine-tunes its collaboration with third-party advertisers, AdTarget will successfully automate the internal broadcasting.

The design of AdTarget platform allows it to be supplied separately or as part of the integrated Eastwind Mobile Marketing Platform. In addition to the multifunctional campaign manager, the full version of MMP includes Big Data solutions and real time marketing solutions. Together, the platform components can fully automate the management of the operator's marketing campaigns - from subscriber analysis to efficiency calculation. Find more information about Eastwind products of this category at the company's website.
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